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Tuesday, July 29, 2014 PPD Site Review and information

I recently had the pleasure of joining a new great PPD site. The site is and for being new to the scene they really stand out from the rest of the new cookie cutter ppd sites that we have all seen everywhere lately.

Some features that make this site stand out above the rest are.
  • Weekly Pay
  • PayPal,Western Union,Money Gram,Check,Bank Wire Transfers
  • Many No Fee Options
  • High Quality Offers, High EPC and CR
  • Many French High Rate Offers
  • Widgets,Link Locker,File locker,Video Locker
  • Offer Optimization, You can choose the offers yourself
  • Mirrors
  • Good Tutorials
  • Promotions
  • Referral Earnings
  • Next Payment Count Down Clock

There is also a forum and fast support. This pay per download site is growing fast and is doing so because they are doing a lot of things right. The registration process is painless just visit

Make Money With Your Files

Thursday, June 12, 2014

PPD Site review of MaxCPA

With many new PPD sites on the scene lately it is rare for one to stand out above the others but does just that. There are many features on this PPD site.
  • Full admin panel that is feature rich with detailed statistics
  • Ability to lock links and files as well as whole pages
  • You can use all of the offers as stand alone like a traditional CPA network
  • Referral program that pays a generous 6% commission
  • Guides in ebook format that can teach begginers how to get started
  • Forum access for even more help from other publishers
  • High Rates on all offers
We like and have a feeling this is one new network with staying power.
Global Performance CPA Affiliate Network

Saturday, April 5, 2014

PPD Site with easy to credit offers

I found a great PPD site that has offers that are easy to credit. My visitors are having no problems getting these offers to credit and get their content with ease. The site is called it is a  new pay per download site but I was paid real fast and there doesn't seem to be a minimum. You can request payment whenever you wish as well. I really like this new ppd site with easy crediting offers, been awesome so far.

Make Money With Your Files

Friday, January 24, 2014 PPD Site Review

I have decided to make a review of a  PPD site that came highly recommended by a colleague. The registration process was quick and easy a one page form and email confirmation is all that is needed to join this pay per download site. The overall design and layout of is modern and very user friendly. There are many tools available to monetize content including hosted locked files, content gateways and locked links. The offer selection is large with great crediting ratios and high epc. The payment terms are bi-weekly for new members. You also get a free $2 signup Bonus upon registration. This PPD site is among the best I have ever used and I highly recommend it. Thanks for reading my review of

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Best PPD Sites for 2014

You can find the best PPD sites for 2014 right here. All of the Pay Per Download sites pay on time and have great converting offers.

  1. is a great network with PPD tools, offerwall and more.
  2. has some of the highest epc's and cr's in the biz, you get paid right on time everytime and they have all direct, no scrub offers.
  3. has some of the best content locking PPD tools, great offers for everyone in the world and great support.
  4. is an awesome PPD Site, maybe the best in the biz with conversion rates through the roof! 
  5. is new and a pure PPD site, but it is loaded with features and it has something the others don't, Weekly Pay!
All of these PPD networks are top quality, they all require approval before you begin. Be sure to click on the links provided so that you are invited by me a publisher in good standing. Updates to this best PPD sites for 2014 list will happen all year, be sure to revisit us for more.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top Rated PPD Site with Instant Payment Link Lockers and Content Locker

The PPD site with the best reviews and support is This pay per download site also has instant payments with low $10 minimums. The offers that this top rated PPD site run pay more and convert better than other PPD sites. Many tools to choose from that are customizable including a link locker,content locker and file locker. Registration is easy and as soon as you register you can use your new account with no wait for approval. Join today and start monetizing the easy way.

Monday, October 21, 2013

PPD Sites List

Hello readers, today I am going to show you my PPD sites list, the ones I use and get paid from on time every time. All of these sites pay via PayPal as well as other methods. The PPD Sites listed here are all legit sites. They are not in a specific order, they are all good pay per download sites, most with content lockers and link lockers too.

The application process differs from site to site , some sites will be more likely to approve a new member who is referred by another current member in good standing (Me) . So be sure to click the links and join from them so you will show up as referred by me. Thanks for visiting my PPD sites list.